About Us

The Corporate University at Anand

“Drive Business Excellence through focus on Heijunka and People Development”… with this vision as its driving force, the ‘Anand U’ is the Corporate University that was instituted to cover the needs of the companies in the Anand fold. The Anand University is focused on four major areas of people development - Operational Excellence, Talent Development, Technical Interventions and the Development of the large force of Operating Engineers across the group.

The reasons for the emergence of a Corporate University

Essentially, there were five broad forces that led to the setting-up of this University.

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We support Continuous Education

Education and development of its people is an integral part of the culture at Anand. A minimum of 40 training hours per employee at all levels is envisaged. Apart from the Programmes that have been developed in-house, employees are also sent for training Programmes at premier institutions in India and abroad.

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Five Extension Campuses

Anand U has five extension campuses located at Parwanoo, Gurgaon, Pune, Nashik and Chennai, focusing on specific trainings for Anand employees. Training programmes conducted by Anand U leave a lasting impact on employee competencies in several areas. These include management skills, engineering skills and behavioural attitudes and skills.

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Monitoring and Measuring Impact

The business impact of the various training Programmes is monitored through the Training Effectiveness Monitoring Process. There is an emphasis on .monitoring the effectiveness of training against the preset objectives. Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluating learning at four different levels is used.

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The Reaction Level
The Learning level
The Application Level
The Impact Level